About Power 

Established in 1999, Powers & Associates is dedicated to the enhancement of quality customer service and business results through the development of people and positive work environments.

With each consultant possessing over 25 years of management and human resources experience in multiple industries, our team understands the problems and challenges facing you and your organization. 

In addition to our Management Team, Powers & Associates’ services network is comprised of professionals with experience and expertise in most industries and disciplines. This means we have the capability to provide the appropriate level of service in order to deliver the most desirable outcomes for even the most ambitious project.

Being a comprehensive HR and Management consultancy, our service offerings are broad and deep. But we do much more than consult. Our clients discover us to be “hands-on” and project oriented. As a result, we are able to provide consistency and continuity from strategic assessments through implementation and deliverables.

Roles we perform for clients:

Involving and aligning people in the organization’s strategy and success.

Moving and coaching an organization through significant change.

Improving and documenting policies, procedures, and processes.

Project Manager
Focusing on tasks, timelines, communications and results.

Ensuring integrity and confidentiality for you and your employees throughout our engagements.

What we do best:

-Getting to know your company well and functioning as a working part of the organization.

-Researching and presenting options with observations and recommendations.

-Extracting and presenting information in a simple, understandable format and content.

-Listening to key players, facilitating conversations, dialogue, and discussions, and documenting information within a structured format.

-Being easy to work with while accomplishing results.

-Helping the client determine the priorities, define roles, move forward, and begin to check off results. Holding the client accountable for results.

-Creating ideas and solutions.

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