Career Services 

 To successfully facilitate each client’s achievement of a satisfying and 
rewarding work life. 

​This objective is accomplished through assessment, strategy, planning, implementation, follow-through and accountability.

The levels of services and the depth of our professional involvement are delivered based on the needs and strengths of each person.

Our consultants work with clients to best determine a career course. Extensive interviewing and profiling are utilized to make assessments and recommendations.

Employment Search Strategy
Focused utilization of time and resources is essential for a fruitful search.

Resume Services
Clients are offered a full range of resume critiquing, creating and re-writing.

Networking Strategy
Networking is generally acknowledged as the most critical step in a job search, yet it can be the least productive if not worked properly.

Research and Advocacy
We can provide assistance toward targeting and information gathering regarding employers and industries. Once targeted, your consultant will work toward scheduling interviews and networking opportunities.

Once strategies are set and assignments are made, we monitor the process to ensure critical goals are achieved in a timely manner.

Interview Preparation
Being prepared to properly present oneself and navigate difficult interviews can mean the difference between a career opportunity and a prolonged and frustrating job search.

After assuming a new position, the initial settling-in period can be rocky. Our consultants can make this step easier and less frustrating.

Trailing Partner
Relocating an employee or new hire is a critical business decision. It is in the best interest of the company that the offer be accepted. One of the top three critical factors impacting the acceptance of the offer, and the ultimate success of the relocation, is the career and employment concerns of the spouse/partner.

Partner career/employment concerns also impact the employees' performance, particularly if relationship issues develop. Because satisfactory employment is a critical factor to spousal/partner socialization and assimilation into the community, unemployment, or underemployment, can ultimately lead to the family returning "home." 

With the average cost of a domestic relocation between $16,000 and $45,000, providing Employment Search Services for the spouse/partner as an elective relocation benefit is a good business decision. 

Having been Trailing Partners, we are empathetic to their plights and approach each client with sensitivity and understanding.

One role we assume is being an extension of your company. We understand that the company's interests are best served when the spousal support services are positive and rewarding. Understanding your company's culture and facilitating communication is essential to their seamless integration into their new community.

Trailing Partner Services
Career and Employment related services provided to Trailing Partners and Spouses are very similar to our Outplacement Services. The primary differentiating factors are the time allocated for research and networking, and empathetic, supportive approach to the relocating family.

Because every situation is unique, we prepare an individualized package of services based on the results of our needs assessment and budget.  

Career Services Categories

​Change is constant and inevitable. When organizations change, often once valued managers and employees are required to seek other employment opportunities. Providing services to facilitate these transitions eases the pain and sends a positive message throughout your company.

Our mission is to prepare the client for the next career step then provide agreed upon, individualized services. From resume development to on-boarding, our consultants can provide the resources and expertise to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Job Search 
​The same high level of attention and services provided to outplacement clients are offered to individuals. Since 1998, we have worked with job seekers from most industries and positions. We become Advisers, Mentors, Advocates, and Supporters, but truthful and realistic in our assessments and feedback.  

A change of jobs and/or careers is never easy. Our consultants are ready to make the process as pleasant and rewarding as possible.

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